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Have a look at the offer of this furniture rental company in Belgium

Relaxing to the fullest after a busy day at work is one of the main concerns for living as an expat. Do you need a new location abroad for one or more of your employees? Homepost has everything available in stock to create the feeling like home and make daily life in another country less stressful. This furniture rental company, based in Belgium, is happy to provide different appliances, furniture and other useful items for their new home for a couple of months. Whether they are in need of rented items for 6 months or longer, the collection has everything they can possibly need. Read more about their wide range of products below!

Explore a selection of their range

Basics like cutlery, a boxspring that is big enough or sidetables are available for renting. But that is not all. This furniture rental company in Belgium has a wide variety of styles when it comes to:

  • Items that can be used in babyrooms or rooms for older children;
  • Practical appliances and items for dining and living rooms;
  • Office furniture to maximize the productivity;
  • Safe kitchen items and utilities;
  • Seats, chairs and super comfortable lounges;
  • Items that come in handy in the bedroom;
  • Beautiful carpets in every style imaginable.

Simply have a look at the online offer of this furniture rental company in Belgium to get a first impression of their area of expertise. The co-workers of Homepost will deliver and collect the items that you rent. Even a fast service when one of the items is broken, is included in the contract.

Contact them and ask for more information

Would you like to know more about one or more of their items? Or are you curious about the details of the contract? Phone them when it suits you, fill out the online contact form on the website of the company or send them an e-mail with everything you want to know.